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September 15-2010
Senate rejects repeal of tax requirements in Healthcare law.
The Hill (9/15, Bolton) reports, "The Senate on Tuesday defeated an effort to strip a controversial tax-reporting provision from the sweeping healthcare law Congress passed earlier this year. In a 46-52 vote, lawmakers killed an amendment sponsored by Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) that would have saved businesses and nonprofit groups from having to report an array of small and medium-sized purchases to the IRS." The Senate also rejected "by a vote of 56-42" a proposal from Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) which "would have increased the reporting threshold to $5,000 and eliminated the requirement for businesses with fewer than 25 employees." read more



September 14-2010
Consumers urged to scrutinize, negotiate hospital bills.
Jane E. Brody writes in the New York Times (9/14, D7) Personal Health column, "There are reasons beyond greed that hospitals typically charge what look like outrageous prices for goods and services. Reimbursement rates are negotiated with insurers, and some are considerably less than what a patient without insurance would be charged. And hospitals rely on insured patients to make up for those who fail to pay their bills -- and for the rates paid by Medicaid, which may be considerably lower than actual hospital costs." Brody says that bills should be scrutinized thoroughly for possible errors, and that consumers, especially the elderly for whom Medicare may no longer cover all charges, should attempt to negotiate lower amounts with hospitals. read more